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PRESCHOOL enrichment


Virtual and In-Person Available 

Jamberry Music is proud to offer enrichment classes at preschools, daycare centers and play spaces throughout the North Shore.  In these highly interactive classes, I use props, instruments, puppets and minimal spoken instruction.  While musical goals are important (such as singing, keeping a steady beat, understanding and executing highs and lows, fast and slow, loud and soft) the main goals in my classes are social-emotional.  My preschool music classes encourage group cohesion, turn taking, acceptance of self and others, self-regulation, following directions, imagination and having fun! 

Ms. Nicole’s music classes are incredibly engaging and inviting.  When we moved over to e-learning, we were worried this wouldn’t translate through the screen but Ms. Nicole made sure this happened with her beautiful voice, high energy, and enthusiasm. Our children were pulled in by her voice and their attention never wavered as they watched her play the guitar, dance around, call their names, clap, and shake!

Ms. Nicole’s musical skills paired with her love of early childhood and experience make her the perfect children’s music teacher.  We look forward to having her with us again soon!


- Arianna L, Goddard School Skokie


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